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Choir Concerts 23-24

First page of the PDF file: Choirflyerforwebsite_1

Dear Parents,

I am excited to announce that we will continue our tradition of excellence with an Ellisor 3rd & 4th grade
choir! This choir is open to all 3rd & 4th graders who are interested. In addition to singing new and exciting songs,
the students will also be increasing their musical knowledge. This choir will hold several performances
throughout the year!

Third graders will begin rehearsing on Tuesday, September 5th, at 7:30am, and will continue rehearsing
every Tuesday. Fourth graders will begin rehearsing on Thursday, September 7th, at 7:30am, and will continue
meeting every Thursday. The morning rehearsals will not interfere with after school activities and what a great
way to start the day: singing with friends! Please make every effort to be here on time. Choir students may be
dropped off in the back of the school at the cafeteria. If you are early, please wait in the cafeteria until I come to
get you. If you arrive before 7:15am, you will need to wait with early morning child care until choir starts. There is
no payment needed, but please sign up online.

We will be performing several different times this year, and we would like to look as good as we sound.
An order form for a choir shirt will be coming shortly. Please order one, as we will be using this shirt as our
uniform. The students will NOT be allowed to perform without one! If the cost of the shirt is difficult for your
family, please let me know. We don’t want anyone excluded from choir because of a shirt. Besides the shirt,
our uniform will be blue jeans without holes. These items will ALWAYS be required for performances.

           1. Students must be prompt. Choir begins at 7:30. We will not be able to count on buses arriving at the
               exact time each morning; therefore, choir students should be car riders on choir mornings so that they
               will be on time. Please make every effort to be on time!
           2. Only 3 absences are allowed each semester. Absences from school are automatically excused and do
                not count towards this. If a student is absent from school, they are excused from choir; however,
                please send a note to let me know. Attendance is very important! Three tardies are equal to one
          3. Students with disruptive behavior will be dismissed from choir. Choir is a privilege. When we are
               performing, we are representing Ellisor and need to show pride in all that we do.

Email will be my primary way to get in touch with you. I will update any rehearsal schedule and keep you
informed about performances and other choir tidbits through a weekly email.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at .

Please click on the link to fill out the following google form as your choir permission slip.


Thank you,
Suzanne Reich
Ellisor Elementary Music

__________________________________________ has my permission to participate in choir. I understand that
choir is a commitment for both my child and me. I am aware that there will be several performances
throughout the year, and I agree to make every effort to see that my child is present for those
performances. Also, I understand that I am responsible for getting my child to choir at 7:30 a.m. on
choir practice days. I understand that I will need to purchase a uniform for my child.
Please leave an email address for me. This is my primary way of communication with our group!
Lastly, I understand that, although this letter appears to be strict, we will be having so much fun this
year and will be making wonderful memories!

Please fill in the form completely.

Parent/Guardian Name (print)__________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature_____________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Email________________________________________________________

Phone Number_______________________________________________________________

Student Signature____________________________________________________________

Homeroom Teacher___________________________________________________________