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Redo/Retake Policy

Ellisor Third Grade ~ Grading Policy


This document provides guidance and administrative procedures for teachers and administrators in determining grades for students. The Grading Guidelines Committee was established to strengthen the standards of a grading policy in order to benefit our students. These guidelines were defined utilizing staff feedback, research of best practices for grading, and input from administrators from all levels and all content areas.

Purpose of Grades

In Magnolia ISD, grades are intended to inform students, parents, and teachers of students’ current level of understanding and performance in relation to state and district standards. Because performance and understanding evolve in the learning process, grades are merely a snapshot of performance at any given time.

Retake or Correcting Assignments

A student’s formative (daily) grades and assessments represent 40% of the student’s total grades. They are not subject to reassessment.  However, it is the teacher’s discretion to implement additional assistance and intervention and provide a reassessment to confirm success of interventions.

A student’s summative (major) grades account for 60% of the student’s total grades. They are eligible for one reassessment or redo. Summative grades include major exams, final compositions, projects, performances, demonstrations, research projects, and oral reports/presentations. The new grade will replace the original grade.

Late and Missing Assignments

Students are given an additional day for each day they are absent. Assignments are considered late following the due date. At the discretion of the teacher, ten points will be deducted each day for late assignments.