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Developed by Rice University, Stemscopes is an on-line, comprehensive, science curriculum utilizing effective STEM instructional practices to improve student performance through high quality, customized, standards-aligned digital STEM curricula and resources.

Based on the TEKS, science lessons are planned and implemented using the 5-E lesson model (engage, explore, explain, elaborate, and evaluate). Each scope or unit extends from one week through three weeks, depending of the level of understanding obtained by students. To build upon and improve academic vocabulary in science, the use of Interactive Science Word Walls and Marzano’s Six Step Process for building academic vocabulary are employed. Interactive Notebooking is utilized as part of the learning process to record observations, reflect on learning, design experiments, and write about science concepts.

Following the district scope and sequence, Magnolia ISD requires 50 minutes of dedicated instruction time for science each day. In addition, lessons adhere to the Texas Safety Standards.

Students may access Stemscopes through their Classlink accounts. While homework may not be a daily or weekly assignment, students are encouraged to review the current and past lessons or topics through on-line assignments or other resources as they are shared during instruction.