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Retesting and Re-Do Policy

 Redo/Retesting Policy


I believe that making mistakes, and correcting them, is a crucial part of the learning process.


In-Class Assignments:  Any graded in-class assignment or quiz, whether math or science, may ALWAYS be corrected once and turned back in for a better grade, granted the student return the original with a parent signature.  Due to the nature of science labs (limited availability of supplies and time constraints), rarely will students be eligible for a redo.

Tests/Major Assessments:  A retest opportunity is allowed for assessments with a score of below 80%. The final grade will be an averaged score of the original and retested score. A retest must be taken prior to the final week of the 9-weeks grading period.  A retest must be requested and taken within two weeks of the original test date.  

If you have any questions regarding the Retest/Redo Policy, please email me at