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I will be posting throughout the week various things that are taking place in our classroom!
Thank you for making the music class such a FUN place to be!  I have the best job in the world, and it is all because of my amazing students!


Welcome back to a wonderful new school year!

I am so excited to get my students back in the music room making a




In music this year, we will have several different focuses that build on each other.  Our foundation always starts with rhythm.   Kindergarten and first grade start out with basic beat and rhythm, high versus low, fast and slow tempos, and cultivating a good singing voice.  Second grade builds on these concepts, while also being introduced to the notes on the staff and more complicated rhythms.  Second grade will also learn about the instrument families and their various members.   Third and fourth grades concentrate on learning the notes in the staff, as well as various musical symbols.  We concentrate on higher level thinking skills and working as an ensemble.  Third and fourth grades will also have a musician/composer spotlight every nine weeks.  We will study the life, musical style, and contribution to music history of the musician.  This year we will learn about Peter Tchaikovsky, Stevie Wonder, John Phillip Sousa, and Ludwig van Beethoven.  


Fourth graders will also be participating in the Recorder Karate program.  This has proven to be a fun and successful adventure for the past several years.  I’m very excited to continue with this tradition! Order forms will be sent home in Tuesday folders on August 27th.  You are welcome to purchase one on your own at Music and Arts, WalMart, Target, or Michael's.  This is a  link to purchase from Amazon: https://goo.gl/8CRJvF  I really have no preference on brand or color.


Every grade level will be presenting a program for our students and parents.  More information will be sent home in Tuesday folders as the programs get closer. These are fun programs, and a wonderful way to make memories with your family!  You won't want to miss it!  


If there are discipline issues that arise during music class, notes will be sent home for you to sign and return.  It is very rare that a student receives more than one note, if any, in music.  However, if a student receives two or more discipline notes within a nine week grading period, a conduct grade of “N” (“needs improvement”) will be assigned.  I am not anticipating many behavior issues at all.  This is going to be a great year! 


If you have any questions or need to contact me, email is always a faster way to hear from me.  If you would like to call, my conference period is from 10:55—11:30.  

Thank you so much for the opportunity to share my love of music with your children every week! I’m looking forward to a wonderful year!





This is a link to Quaver Music. All classes have been experimenting with this newer website. There are music games, composing opportunities, and silly videos. Best part--it's free! Have fun!




I'm so proud of how talented our students are!!

This classroom is truly full of JOYFUL NOISE!





Check out the link to this video!  
Fireworks in our brain?!?  How cool is that!!!!