3rd Grade Grading Policy

 Retake or Correcting Assignments

A student’s formative (daily) grades and assessments.  These grades are not subject to reassessment.  However, if a student is showing consistent struggle and great effort it is the teacher’s discretion to implement additional assistance and intervention and provide a reassessment to confirm success of interventions. These grades represent 40% of the students.

A student’s summative (major) grades are available for one reassessment to clarify understanding.  These summative grades account for 60% of the nine week average. Students will be required to additional preparation and/or attend to tutoring prior to the retake. Proper preparation and consistent home support is highly recommended. Summative grades include major exams, final compositions, projects, performances, demonstrations, research projects, and oral reports/presentations. The new grade, on a supplement assessment will replace the original grade.