Choir Information

Spring Choir Schedule
Please make every effort to be at every rehearsal. 
Remember that three absences will result in you no longer being able to participate in choir.  
15--3rd grade
17--4th grade
22--3rd grade
24--4th grade
29--3rd grade
31--4th grade
5--3rd grade
7--4th grade
12--3rd & 4th grade
19--3rd grade
21--4th grade
26--3rd & 4th grade
28--NO CHOIR due to Dads & Donuts
5--3rd grade
7--4th grade
19--3rd grade
21--4th grade
26--NO CHOIR due to 3rd grade program
28--3rd & 4th grade
We will be singing at the Greater North Houston Choir Festival in April, but I am waiting on the dates and times for this.  I will get them to you as soon as I have them.  
2--3rd grade
4--4th grade
9--3rd grade
11--4th grade
16--3rd grade
18--4th grade
23--3rd grade
25--4th grade
30--3rd & 4th grade
2--3rd & 4th grade
7--3rd & 4th grade
7--Spring Concert at 6:00
10--Field trip!!  More details to come soon!