Choir Information

Spring Choir Schedule
Please make every effort to be at every rehearsal. 
Remember that three absences will result in you no longer being able to participate in choir.  
5--3rd grade
7--4th grade
19--3rd grade
21--4th grade
26--3rd & 4th grade
28--3rd & 4th grade--Last week before our contest!
2--3rd & 4th grade--Please come to school in uniform!
2--Greater North Houston Choir Festival--performance at 12:30
4--4th grade
9--3rd grade
11--4th grade
16--3rd grade
18--4th grade
23--3rd grade
25--4th grade
30--3rd & 4th grade
2--3rd & 4th grade
7--3rd & 4th grade
9--3rd & 4th grade
9--Spring Concert at 6:00
17--Field trip to ASI!  More details to come soon!