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A year at a glance

This year in Mrs. Hailes' class we will learn about letters, reading, and math, with the overall goal of teaching our students how to become independent learners.
We will review letters, letter formation, and letter sounds. We will use this knowledge to form words, write stories and develop reading strategies. We will be learning sight words which will also aid in learning to read. A list of these sight words is provided on the Kindergarten web page.
It is important that parents be involved and carry the classroom lessons over into their own homes.

Reading consists of comprehension, fluency, and of course, enjoyment.

Math has a focus of number sense which is developed with the aid of manipulatives.

I use my education of 9 years of experience in the classroom to implement creative, fun, interactive activities to stimulate our young children to learn, grow and most importantly become creative thinkers.